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Villa Alberoni

image-23 Maggio 2018 - 11:23am

Villa Alberoni, alongside Villa Paganini, is all that remains of Cardinal Giulio Alberoni’s estate, which in 1722 extended over 27 acres.

The property remained unaltered for over a century. Then, in 1874, the estate was sold to Compagnia Fondiaria Italiana and parceled out. The former grounds are now home to several small villas and apartment complexes.

Visitors to Villa Alberoni may be particularly interested in the Tinelli Alberoni, a spectacular fountain near the campus entrance. The fountain features a statue of the Nile God, a reproduction of the famous Roman piece dating back to the 1st century AD. Two additional sculptures represent mermen playing seashells and pouring water into the river.

In the elevated section of the park, engineer Francesco Bruno built the current villa in collaboration with architect Alberto Brasini. Construction took place between 1929 and 1929. Brasini’s neo-Baroque style characterize both the villa’s interior and exterior spaces, in dialogue with the Tinello.

During the 1960s, an addition was built on the Via Appennini side of the campus. Today the complex hosts the University’s headquarters as well as areas dedicated to teaching, research, events and seminars.