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Parliamentary Democracy in Europe - 8th edition

This summer program applies research-based knowledge and professional expertise to the actual contexts where Parliaments in Europe and beyond are facing an unprecedented decline in their legitimacy and ability to address constituents’ demands and concerns. Electoral rules and dynamics at large are key to understand consensus formation, problems affecting political participation and the strengths and weaknesses of parliamentary decision-making.

The program aims to explore the tension between representative democracy, elections and new forms of populism in a time where democracy is more and more often associated just to the electoral moment and to popular consensus thereby neglecting the significance of other accountability mechanisms and of the daily enforcement of the values of liberal constitutionalism. These are the challenges ahead also with a view to the 2019 European elections, the new European Parliament and the European Union itself.

“Parliamentary Elections and Democratic Accountability in the Age of Populism”


Dates (First module) July 8-20, 2019 (one or two-week program)
Location Rome
Credits 8 ECTS (two weeks)- 4 ECTS (one week)
Level Graduate Students or Advanced Bachelor Students in social sciences
Course leader Director and Jean Monnet Module’s Holder: Cristina Fasone, Assistant Professor of Comparative Public Law
New Standard deadline March 31, 2019

The Summer Program on Parliamentary Democracy in Europe is organised by the LUISS School of Government in cooperation with LUISS Centre for Parliamentary StudiesCEUR FoundationInternational Political Science Association (IPSA)SciencesPo - Centre d'études européennes, and ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

It is co-financed by the European Commission through EACEA (the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), as Jean Monnet Module (2016-2019) on Parliamentary Accountability and Technical Expertise: Budgetary Powers, Information and Communication Technologies and Elections (PATEU).

The Summer Program intends to cope with one of the challenges parliaments are currently facing: namely the raising political distrust towards these democratic institutions par excellence confirmed by the decline in the voters' turnout in many national elections and certainly so far in the European elections. By bringing together an interdisciplinary group of renown international scholars, in particular in the fields of public law, political science, history and philosophy, and professionals, the Summer program will try to untangle the following problematic knots: which actors and with which legitimacy contribute to the define the arrangements for parliamentary elections? Which role is played, from a political and legal standpoint, by political parties and groups in adapting their strategies to the voters' preferences and then to the electoral results? If and how have the electoral processes and results been affected by the new waves of populism, on the one hand, and by the increasing politicization of the Union policies in the specific EU context? With this regard, the timing of the Summer Program is tailored to intercept also the debate emerging for the results of the 2019 European elections, which will probably shape the future of the EU in the years to come.


One week

  • € 750 excluding accommodation
  • € 1.100 including accommodation (check in on Sunday before the start of the Summer Program’s attendance, check out on Saturday after the end of the week at Summer Program) 

Two weeks  

  • € 1.100 excluding accommodation
  • € 1.600 including accommodation (check in on Sunday, July 7, 2019; check out on Saturday, July 20, 2019)

Partner universities and LUISS students will receive a 10% tuition fee reduction

Early bird applications will receive a 10% tuition fee reduction (Applicants who complete the enrollment and payment)

Should you want to be considered for this discount, please indicate this in the motivation letter and in the section "Note" of the application form. 

Fees include:

  • Academic program and reading materials
  • Free Internet access
  • Guided tour of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Senate and social activities
  • Free shuttle bus among LUISS Campuses
  • Access to the university's facilities (cafeteria, canteen, library, the Language Café)

(students have a special discount for eating at the canteen, each meal costs about 8 euros for student)

Late applications will be evaluated case by case.

For applications and more information: