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Can I choose between different types of Summer Schools?

Of course, LUISS University offers a wide variety of summer programs. The Orientation Summer School was designed to help students choose a degree program and allows students to take the LUISS early admission test before their final year of high school. In addition, LUISS offers courses that allow students to acquire technical and soft skills, as well as the opportunity to take part in a two-year program for talented young people that leads to direct entrance to LUISS degree programs upon passing an admissions test.

Do I have to apply to participate in a Summer School?

There are no entrance tests to LUISS Summer Schools.

Can students gain admission to LUISS through a Summer School?

Yes, students entering their final year of high school can take the admission test at the end of the Orientation Summer School. Admission may also be granted through the Two-Year Program for Talented Young People.

How much do the programs cost?

The Orientation Summer School costs €1,500 with accommodation and €1,300 without. All the other Summer Schools cost €1,100 with accommodations and €900 without.

Does the University provide housing?

Yes, students can select to reside in University housing during their course.

Can students choose their residence hall and roommate?

Students may not choose their residence hall but they may select a roommate.

How long do Summer Schools last?

All Summer Schools last 6 days (Sunday afternoon – Friday morning), with the exception of the International Summer School which lasts two weeks.

Are any programs offered in English?

Some Summer Schools (Orientation Summer School and Marketing Summer School) are offered both in Italian and English, depending on the week. The International Summer School