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Luiss University promotes and holds on-campus IELTS Academic test sessions in association with International House - Accademia Britannica Rome, an IELTS test center accredited by IDP Education Australia.

The next session is scheduled for Saturday December 7, 2019 when candidates will have a chance to take all four papers on the LUISS campus on the same day.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most popular English language certification exams, recognized by universities, governments, immigration offices, companies and job placement agencies around the world.

The test assesses the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Why take the IELTS test at Luiss

Taking the IELTS Academic test at Luiss offers numerous advantages:

  • completely free 20-hour preparation course with a mock exam at the end, taught by specialist teachers from Trinity School Accademia Linguistica
  • a discount on the registration fee
  • Trinity School personnel will handle administrative procedures in connection with registering for the test
  • free access, after completion of the preparation course, to an online module allowing candidates to practice the ability that they scored worst in during the practice test
  • the chance to take all four papers on the same day
  • receipt of the original Test Report Form (TRF) directly at Luiss University Language Center

Who can register for the IELTS test at Luiss

All Luiss students who, at the time of submission of the application, are regularly enrolled in the:

  • second, third or off-track years of a bachelor’s degree program
  • second, third, fourth, fifth or off-track years of the single-cycle degree program in Law
  • first, second or off-track years of a master’s degree program

Therefore, applications cannot be submitted by first-year students (including those repeating the first year) enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program or the single-cycle degree program in Law and students coming from other Universities registered to a master's degree program in Luiss prior to receive a bachelor's degree.

In any case, applications to take the on-campus IELTS Academic test will be accepted solely from students who have obtained a (final or interim) language level at Luiss equal to or higher than B2.4 (B2.6 for students enrolled before the 2015-2016 academic year).

The language requirement is fundamental since the goal is to obtain an IELTS score of at least 6.5 - 7.

Students who do not have an English level certified by Luiss – including those doing a degree program taught entirely in English – must take a level test in order to establish that their level is at least B2.4. That test will have to be taken at Trinity School, in accordance with procedures and within a timeframe that the student will be notified about directly.

Furthermore, students who - despite having already taken the final English exam at Luiss before the autumn exam sessions for 2018-2019 (2-14 of September 2019) have achieved a level that does not meet that one required can take a level test.

The test will have to be taken in accordance with the set procedures and timing that will be communicated to the candidate. The test result is only essential for assessing the language skills required to sit the IELTS at Luiss. For this reason after the test no certificate of English level will be issued.

Students who do not meet the requirements set by Luiss or who meet them but cannot take the on-campus IELTS Academic test because all places available have been filled can obviously take the test independently through International House or other accredited test centers, without however the advantages afforded by Luiss.

Registration procedure

Step 1: candidature and checking of prerequisites

Students who wish to take the IELTS Academic test on campus at Luiss on December 7, 2019 must convey their intention to do so by filling out the appropriate form online starting from 10:00 am of Tuesday October 8 until noon of Thursday October 10 so as to allow the University Language Center to check fulfillment of the prerequisites (year of enrollment and language level).

The number of places available to take the test on campus is limited, so students are advised to fill out the form as soon as possible and only if they are truly interested. Places will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis taking into account the chronological order of arrival of the applications.

Students who submit an application will receive on Monday, October 21 an e-mail on their Luiss account ( from the University Language Centre informing them whether their application has been accepted, rejected or "subject to confirmation" until verification of the level is made. We advise students to check their spam folder. In case students didn't receive the e-mail they are required to contact on time the University Language Center.

Step 2: confirmation of registration for the IELTS test by accepted candidates

Accepted candidates must confirm their wish to take the IELTS Academic test on campus at Luiss by paying the registration fee. Registration for the test will be confirmed solely upon payment of the registration fee.

Candidates will receive an email - - with the details of the bank account that the registration fee is to be wired to as well as the instructions required to enable Trinity School personnel to proceed to actually register them for the test. We suggest students check their spam folder. In case students didn't receive the e-mail they are required to contact on time the University Language Center.

Step 3: access to the IELTS preparation course

Solely candidates who have paid the registration fee will be granted access free of charge to the preparation course for the IELTS Academic test.

The course, which lasts a total of 20 hours spread out over four days, is completely free of charge and it is designed to furnish the technical skills and tools necessary to prepare candidates to do their best in the four papers that the test consists of: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. During the last lesson, candidates will do a mock exam, which will be corrected then and there with immediate feedback from the teacher.

The course will be held in Luiss in viale Romania and via Lisbona in accordance with the following schedule: 

Friday, November 15 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 16 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Friday, November 22 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 23 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. mock exam; 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. feedback from teacher

Shortly before the course candidates will receive a reminder by email, which will also specify the teacher and the classroom. Each candidate will be inserted in a given group, without any possibility to express a preference or request a switch. The course does not grant university credits or bonuses. At the end of the course, no certificate of participation will be issued and neither will a certificate as to the candidate’s level of English.

Step 4: online preparation module

After completion of the preparation course at Luiss, students may continue to practice using the online preparation module available from Monday, November 25 up to the day of the test. Access to the module will enable candidates to practice the paper that they obtained the lowest score in during the practice test.

Step 5: taking the IELTS test at Luiss

The test, comprising all four papers, will be held at Luiss- Viale Romania Campus - on Saturday, December 7 under the supervision of International House – an accredited IELTS center, which will send candidates a "Test Day Info" email at least five days before the test and a notice of call stating the date and time of the test. In this regard, candidates should also check their spam folder in case the e-mail ends up there.

All other information on the test and IELTS rules is available on the Useful Information page.

Step 6: results and collection at Luiss of the Test Report Form

The IELTS results can be viewed online 13 days after the test date assuming that there is no delay due to administrative issues.

After the publication online of the results, the original certificate – known as the Test Report Form or TRF – will be available for collection from the University Language Center. Candidates will receive an email explaining the procedure for picking up their Test Report Form. Please note that it is not possible to communicate results by telephone, fax or email.