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Luiss language certifications

A language certification is an official document, worldwide recognized, that certifies the degree of knowledge of foreign languages according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages approved by the Council of Europe.

Luiss Guido Carli is not a certifying body, therefore it cannot issue international certifications attesting to students language levels. However, for the convenience of its students/graduates, it can issue written declarations regarding their language exam results.

The University Language Center can issue:

  • a certificate relating to the level achieved at the date of request and defined as an intermediate one as the language course has not yet finished and accordingly the credits associated therewith have not been earned. To request an intermediate level certificate students need to send an e-mail to attaching a double-side copy of their ID and specifying if they need it in Italian or English

  • a duty stamped certificate that attests that the language qualification has been achieved, containing all the details about the taken exam (credits, mark and/or level achieved if available). To request a duty stamped certificate students need to refer to the procedure indicated below.

Procedure for requesting duty stamped certificates

To comply with regulation, Luiss will issue duty stamped certificates that can only be used in relationships between private individuals and entities, on which the following caption is printed, as required by law: "This certificate cannot be generated for use by entities in public administration or private agencies administering public services".

To obtain duty stamped certificates the interested party must bring or send the following by mail to the CLA Front Office (next to the Student Office) at Luiss Guido Carli - viale Romania, 32, 00197 Rome:

  • the certificate request form, on which a €16.00 duty stamp must be affixed

  • another €16.00 duty stamp for each certificate requested

In the case of certifications with specific, additional requirements – such as, for example, certificates to be used abroad with a handwritten signature of the Director – it is necessary to contact the CLA via email: The certificate will be issued within three working days. At the time the certificate is issued, the interested party is required to complete the request, submitting the required duty stamps, otherwise the certificate cannot be issued.

Procedure for picking up certificates

  • in person or through a proxy at the Front Office within office hours. The delegate will have to bring an identification document, a signed proxy form on plain paper without a duty stamp, and a photocopy of the identification document of the interested party.

  • send by mail to the address indicated on the request form. To this end, please remember to attach a copy of identification (front and back) and the correct number of duty stamps for the number of certificates requested.

The certificate will be sent via registered mail. In any case the interested party absolves the University from all responsibility for any loss or damage.

Self-certification forms 

In accordance with Article 15 of Law 183/2011, local authorities and agencies managing public services can no longer request or accept certificates from private individuals and entities that have been generated by other public offices.

For relationships with entities in public administration and agencies administering public services, self-certification forms are always used in lieu of certificates. Entities in public administration and agencies administering public services are required to accept self-certifications; if they do not, it is considered a violation of their official duties.

Using the Web Self Service, students can print self-certification forms. These self-certification forms are issued on plain paper and are not subject to the payment of a duty stamp.

 The University Language Center provides two different types of self-certifications:

  • if the course has been completed students can find a self-certifications containing the details about the taken exam (credits, mark and/or level if available) in the section “Registration/Certificates > Certificates > Autodichiarazione iscrizione livello lingue”

  •  if the course is still ongoing students can find a self-certifications that certifies the intermediate level achieved at that date in the section “Academic Curriculum > Academic Career Records”

 To access the service students have to be compliant with all administrative obligations.

Please remember that the interested party is personally responsible for all statements made, which are subject to verification by the administration. The administration will then take appropriate action if necessary.