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University rules regarding plagiarism


The University is committed to combating plagiarism in any shape or form in order to guarantee the quality of the educational process and promote fair assessment of students' efforts.

Academic work does not consist merely of gathering or interpreting information but of methodically locating, critically evaluating and personally processing it in order to foster the growth of knowledge. In particular, the final paper or thesis constitutes the concluding moment of the entire course of study and the means through which the student demonstrates their maturity and ability to bring together the concepts and notions learnt during the years of study.

Therefore, it is fundamental that the work produced be the result of personal input, that it exhibit original ideas and that the cited opinions and findings of others be traceable through appropriate bibliographical references.

For this reason, LUISS uses Turnitin software capable of detecting copying or an improper use of citations without prejudice to the checks made by the thesis supervisor and degree commission.

Accordingly, students are asked to keep in mind that should any plagiarism be detected, the University will take disciplinary action consisting of postponing the grading of the final paper or the thesis defense by one session. This is without prejudice to any civil and criminal liability that the offending personal conduct may entail.