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Postponing the degree exam

The thesis title assignment form (only for four years degree, master’s degree and single cycle’s degree students) indicates the first session in which the student can take the degree exam and graduate, while registration for a specific degree session takes place with the presentation of the degree exam request; if the thesis title assignment form is submitted without the duty stamped degree exam form, it is not necessary to submit an additional form postponing the degree exam.

Registration for a degree session is valid solely for the specified degree session and a student who wishes to change session must register again for the following degree session. The degree fee need only be paid once during the entire degree programme. To register for a new degree session, students will pay only the relevant stamp duty through the special M.Av payment slip that can be printed out after filling out the new degree exam request form.

For those who wish to postpone their degree exam to another session, or as a result of Supervisor’s “not approval” of the final thesis, can only do so by going to the Degree exam section of personal Web Self Service page and also must promptly notify the supervisor and co-supervisor (where required).