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Leaves of absence

Leaves of absence

A student who wishes to take a leave of absence from their university studies must fill out a leave of absence application on duty stamped paper (€ 16.00), accompanied by documentation supporting the reasons why the student is requesting a leave of absence.

The application must be submitted by the registration deadline. A leave of absence can only be requested for the following documented reasons:

  • continuance of studies at a foreign university, Italian military academy, doctorate program (PhD), graduate school, one year post-graduate Master
  • maternity, paternity
  • serious and prolonged illness (medical records will have to be submitted as proof).

Students who take a leave of absence must pay a € 500.00 fee. Students can request a leave of absence only once over the course of their time at university, for a maximum of one academic year. The only exceptions to this are the cases described in Point 1, for which the leave of absence can be extended to the normal length of studies.

Students do not need to pay other tuition and university fees for the academic year in which they take a leave of absence. Students who have been granted a leave of absence cannot take official exams. A leave of absence is not taken into account for the continuance of university studies or in calculating lapse deadlines.