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Changing degree programs

Students can transfer from a degree program in one Department to a degree program in another Department at Luiss, or between degree programs within the same department, starting in the second year. Students can only transfer once during their university studies.

Students who wish to change degree programs must submit an application form (also available at the Student Office) to the Student Office between July 1 and September 6, 2019.

It is also possible for students coming from courses taught in Italian to transfer to a degree program taught in English – repeating the first year of a master’s degree program - as long as they fulfill the following requirement:

  • proven proficiency in English (C1 level).

The application goes to a department board, which then decides on a case-by-case basis whether to admit the student, year of registration and the number of credits to be recognized, while maintaining consistency with the educational goals set out in the respective programs.

In recognizing credits, the new department will award credits for each examination passed, irrespective of how many credits the former department gave for those same exams. If the department board decides that the student must take an additional exam to meet the program's requirements, then the examination related to that additional work must be taken, if possible, in the supplemental exam session of that academic year.

The Student Office will inform students of the outcome of their applications.