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Diploma supplement

Diploma supplements are supplementary reports regarding the official qualification awarded upon completion of a degree program at a university or an institution of higher education. This report describes the nature, level, context, content and status of the student’s studies in accordance with the standard developed as an initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. Diploma supplements include information regarding the degree as well as detailed descriptions of the courses taken by the student, so that it is easier to evaluate and recognize Italian degrees abroad – both academically and professionally – and promote a free and transparent circulation of degrees internationally.

The diploma supplement is written in both Italian and English and is made up of 8 sections:

  • the graduate’s personal data
  • information on the degree and the institution issuing the degree
  • information on the level of degree (course, duration and admission requirements)
  • information on the curriculum, exam grades and final grade with details on the grading system
  • information on the functions of the degree (educational programs that the degree grants entry to, professional status conferred by the degree)
  • other information or sources of information
  • certification
  • information on the higher education system of the country in which the degree was awarded

For further information:

Requesting and issuing diploma supplements

To receive diploma supplements, interested parties must present a request on plain paper and a photocopy of their identification document to the Front Office of the Student Office, or they can send these via email to: It will be issued within 3 working days

Procedure for picking up diploma supplements

  • in person or through a proxy at the Front Office of the Student Office. The delegate will have to bring an identification document, a signed proxy form, and a photocopy of the identification document of the interested party
  • send by mail to the address indicated in the request. In this case it is necessary to attach a copy of identification (front and back). The diploma supplement will be sent via registered mail. In any case the interested party absolves the University from all responsibility for any loss or damage to the documentation sent
  • send via e-mail