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Termination of studies

Withdrawal (rinuncia)

It is possible to withdraw from one's university studies by submitting a written application, without being bound by any conditions, deadlines or provisos limiting the effect of this decision. Withdrawal is irrevocable for the student, who in the future will be unable to resume their university studies.

The withdrawing student will not be entitled to any refund of the regional student tax or tuition fees that have already been paid.

Upon receipt of the student's application, the University will return the original diploma if given to the Student Office at the time of enrollment.

Documents to be submitted:

  • withdrawal, or discontinuance of studies, application filled out on duty stamped paper
  • their academic record booklet (booklet containing all of their official exam grades, or libretto universitario in Italian)
  • ID badge

Lapse (decadenza)

Lapse of university studies occurs when a student who, though registered as a student doing their degree program outside its prescribed timeframe, does not take any exam for eight consecutive academic years. Lapse does not occur if the student has passed all official exams and only needs to take the degree exam in order to graduate.

A student whose university studies have lapsed but who wishes to recommence must renew their registration for the related university courses and repeat the exams that they took before.