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Logo 360Contact information:
Director: Walter Baffi - 329 8256009 -

360° – the newspaper at the center of the University, created by students in 2002. The goal of the paper is to keep students informed and share their initiatives. “The newspaper by students, for students,” is always open to new pens, to share their unique way of experiencing the University, intensely and with a sense of belonging.  Currently, the staff counts nearly 120 students, from three LUISS Guido Carli Departments. In April 2014, the editorial staff organized and hosted a two-day student newspaper festival, Culturama, the first of its kind in Italy.

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Iuris Prudentes

Logo Iuris PrudentesContact information:
Director: Valerio

Iuris Prudentes was established in September 2009 and is the first student newspaper in Italy dedicated to law. The newspaper has the ambitious goal of strengthening and consolidating the relationship between students and the University. In particular, Iuris Prudentes comments on the life of students in the Department of Law, from their studies to their extracurriculars, their knowledge and limits, as well as their goals for the future. To cover all aspects in detail, the newspaper is divided into three sections, each dedicated to a different aspect of student life: extracurricular activities, current events, and culture. The heart of the newspaper is dedicated to legal matters, written in collaboration with LUISS professors. The three sections of Iuris Prudentes help students develop discernment, synthesis and a sincere, attentive style while strengthening the sense of community between students and professors in the Department of Law.
If you are interested in writing about law and more, do not hesitate to contact them! 

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Globe Trotter

Globe trotterContact information:
Director: Francesca Feo - 366 1952839 -

Globe Trotter was founded by a group of students passionate about culture and journalism. Globetrotter’s mission is to inform students about current events and world politics, while keeping them updated on the LUISS world, art, culture, economics, law and sport. The newspaper has a strong international leaning and often writes about themes such as the European Union and integration, frequently including articles in English, French and Spanish. Globetrotter see the right to information as a basic human right, as Corasaniti says, it is the base of every true civil liberty.

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image-5 Set 2016 - 11:39amContact information:
Director: Giuseppe Franzese -

Established in April 2015, LED is an ambitious project that aims to create a truly useful guide for students immersed in the LUISS world.

In LED students will find inspirational stories and advice on university life as well as opportunities that LUISS and Rome offer. Both LED’s paper and digital versions cover a variety of topics, from current events to innovation, from music to politics, from sport to art. The association also organizes a wide variety of cultural events to stimulate and enrich students’ education. The association is run entirely by students, with representatives from every department of the university.

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image-2 Ago 2018 - 6:23pmContact information:
Director: Chiara Valzano - - 389 7826571

LePagine is the youngest of the University's newspapers, was established to better allow students to participate in university life.
The aim of the newspaper is to provide students with a guide and a reference point.

Madama Louise

image-2 Dic 2014 - 5:21pmContact information:
Director: Luisa Ambrosio - 3398025438 - -

Founded in 2004 from within the Department of Law, today Madama Louise boasts a loyal readership and editorial staff from all four Departments. The newspaper, which received a complete restyling in 2013, sees itself as a service to talented and motivated LUISS students, that promotes the people and events that make our University proud and features guest editorials from leaders in business and culture.  Its name was inspired by the French title of the Mona Lisa, as a tribute to Italian genius and excellence of which LUISS is a clear example. University information, news, history, economics, politics, international affairs, sport, entertainment, and interviews with famous faces: the new Madama Louise has everything that tomorrow’s leading class needs to prepare for the future. Made up primarily of bachelor’s degree students, Madama Louise maintains an elegant editorial style to best represent LUISS Guido Carli and its community.

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The Insider

The Insider

Contact information:
Director: Francesca Sossella - 347 8017103 -

The Insider was established in June 2015 by a group of students intent on creating the University’s first economic and financial newspaper. The Insider aims to help students enter the financial world, starting from current events and analyzing themes such as public finance, forex, fixed income, derivatives, equity markets, asset management, corporate finance and equity research. The newspaper will analyze market trend from an insider's perspective, looking at mechanisms that Economics and Finance students will eventually have to face. The Insider will furthermore give students the opportunity to exercise their creativity and to work with students from different backgrounds.

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