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Luiss Guido Carli

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DiSCo Lazio

Just like students enrolled in public universities, Luiss University students can apply for financial aid from DiSCo Lazio – Ente per il diritto agli Studi Universitari nel Lazio – offering tuition scholarships, accommodation, supplementary contributions, educational experiences abroad and awards. Applications for accommodation allows you to participate in selections to be assigned housing in DiSCo student residences.

Students who receive a DiSCo Lazio scholarship are exempted from paying tuition fees and the regional student tax in accordance with current legislation. 

To apply, students must pay, by the deadline indicated by the Student Office, the regional student tax and must meet the requirements listed in the call for applications. Financial eligibility is based on the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE), whereas students become eligible based on merit starting from their second year, with eligibility based on credits earned in the previous two years.

Selected students will be reimbursed for their first tuition installment and the regional student tax (paid at the time of registration) after the final rankings are published.

For more information, consult the call for applications for DiSCo funding.