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Erasmus and exchange students

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The Luiss Student Exchange Office promotes student exchanges within the Erasmus Program, as well as through bilateral exchange agreements with non-European universities. It provides information and assistance to all students participating in these study abroad programs. All procedures are based on the ECTS system. A substantial part of this activity is devoted to the orientation and support of foreign students, to whom the following section is addressed.

Who can apply as an incoming exchange student

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that the Student Exchange Office of Luiss Guido Carli will accept exchange students only under the Erasmus Program or Bilateral Exchange Agreements. Exchange students apply for admission through the Student Exchange (

Click here to check the availability of an exchange partnership between Luiss and your university.

The steps you should take and things you should know

  • Contact the international coordinator at your home university. Each sending institution is responsible for the selection of students.
  • Ask them for all the information, documents, brochures, and application forms related to Luiss student exchange programs.
  • We channel all relevant information through partner institutions and do not usually send additional packages to the students selected for the exchange.
  • Read the instructions carefully before you apply.
  • Be aware of our deadlines.
  • Search our web site from time to time. The pages are updated when new information is available. Check the web pages of Luiss professors (under search for courses online) for detailed information about courses.
  • At Luiss the main language of instruction is Italian but an increasing number of degree programs and courses are offered in English each year. In order to attend courses in Italian your language level should be adequate, at least at an intermediate level.
  • The courses are free of charge for our exchange students admitted under the Erasmus program or a Bilateral Exchange Agreement.


  • By the end of January of every academic year, we send all our partners updated materials, application forms, documents and course catalogs for exchange students.
  • The deadline to receive the Luiss application forms (electronic and paper documents) is May 15.
  • All other deadlines change slightly from year to year.
  • Exchange students will receive an acceptance letter and practical information in June, when the Student Exchange Office has received their application forms.