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Information technology prerequisites DIM, DEF and SP

Information technology prerequisites DIM, SP and DEF

In order for students from:

  • the Department of Business and Management (DIM) enrolled since the 2016-17 academic year,
    • the Department of Political Science (SP) and the Department of Economic and Finance (DEF) enrolled since the 2017-18 academic year,
    • the Department of Law (GP) enrolled from the 2018-19 academic year,
    • the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Management and Computer Science (MCS) enrolled for the 2018-19 academic year,

 to be able to:

  • sit the exam in Computer Science in the second semester of the first year (DIM),
    • attend the Computer Skills Lab in the first semester of the first year (SP),
    • sit the exam in Information Systems in the first semester of the second year (DEF),
    • sit the exam in Legal IT in the second semester of the first year (GP),
    • sit the exam in Introduction to Computer Programming in the first semester of the first year (Bachelor’s Degree Program in Management and Computer Science, MCS),

it is obligatory for them to have first successfully completed the New ECDL “Word Processing”, “Spreadsheets” and “Presentation” modules or the Core ECDL “Word Processing”, “Spreadsheets” and “Presentation” modules as per Syllabus 5.0.

Students who already fulfill those prerequisites may communicate that fact through the form for that purpose that can be found in the “Propedeuticità Informatiche: Dichiarazione Moduli ECDL” section of the University’s e-learning platform (it is necessary to fill out the form at least a week before the date that the Computer Science exam is scheduled for).

Students who do not yet fulfill those prerequisites can avail of the services offered by the LUISS Test Center, which organizes monthly sessions for official ECDL tests (in English or Italian) for the purposes of obtaining certification (the dates are set out in the calendar). Once the official tests for the prerequisite three modules have been passed, the students must naturally fill out the previously mentioned “Propedeuticità Informatiche: Dichiarazione Moduli ECDL” form.

Alternatively, students can take an ECDL skills evaluation test organized free of charge by their Department subject to booking the test online through the “Prenotazione per Test di Valutazione Competenze ECDL / ECDL Test Reservation” section (bookings are accepted for each test session until all places are filled although depending on demand the session may be extended  to the following days). It should be noted that the three modules completed through this type of test are not valid for official ECDL certification but serve solely to enable students to fulfill the prerequisites for the Computer Science and Information Systems courses in the University’s four departments.

Finally, please note that in studying for ECDL tests students can use the online video tutorials in Italian and English (Tutorials) available through the e-learning platform, as always in the Digital Skills section.

For further information and assistance on accessing the platform, you may send an e-mail to