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Much Ado About Nothing at Studio 54 in New York

2015-2016: the workshop celebrates the bard 

Much Ado About Nothing at Studio 54 in New York

23-24-25 Maggio 2016, 9:00 p.m.
LUISS Guido Carli, University Gardens, Viale Pola, 12 - Roma

Molto rumore per nulla allo Studio 54 di New York

  • Adaptation and direction Ferdinando Ceriani
  • Choreography Carla Ferraro
  • Assistant for staging and singing Alice Guidi
  • Music from Sister Sledge, Bee Gees, Abba, Boney M, Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Village People, Lipps INC, Tina Charles

A comedy of errors, a happy (and almost desecrating) interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, an inspiration for film and adaptations, Much Ado for Nothing is one of William Shakespeare’s most entertaining and famous comedies. With impeccable balance, perfect in its pure intentions, the action revolves around the theme of pranks, one cruel and the other playful. While the former aimed to trick the beautiful Ero and prevent her from marrying her beloved Claudio, the second, under the opposite sign, aimed to fake love between the litigious Beatrice and Benedetto. In the center of it all lies a party to welcome home soldiers from war during which love, passion and drama feed on each other.

While the original story takes place in Messina, we decided to play around and set it in a place and time that changed the fashion and music of the 20th century: New York’s Studio 54, that gave the world dance music from Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer and the Bee Gees.

We are thus in Manhattan, between 7th and 8th Avenue, where Innocent, the disco queen, is organizing a huge party with her sisters to welcome back Marines from a war zone. Within this frame we have enriched the production with song and dance from that crazy and careless time without losing track of Shakespeare and his marvelously rich language, so misleadingly simple and so modern as to allow us this historic risk.

Peter Brook once wrote about the bard: “With eyes of the past, reignited by a sense of the present, the texts show us new forms, new highs and new lows, new lights and new shadows.” This is the experience that we, all together, had during the various phases of this new production.

Ferdinando Ceriani

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Students | Actors

  • Agnese Gorgoglione
  • Alessandro Ciancio Villardita
  • Alessio Gosciu
  • Alma Poli
  • Angela Durso
  • Anna Finiguerra
  • Anna Gioia Apreda
  • Annalisa Lo Piccolo
  • Antonio Fabrizi
  • Carlotta Matteucci
  • Carlotta Varriale
  • Cecilia Menichella
  • Chiara Cerini
  • Clara Piazza
  • Clarissa Guerrini
  • Claudia Piazza
  • Cristiano De Vergori
  • Daniela Ceci
  • Davide Viviano
  • Emilio Cosentino
  • Federico Radi
  • Flaminia De Felicis
  • Flavio Pieralice
  • Giada Cinalli
  • Gianluca De Matteis
  • Gianmarco Giorgino
  • Ginevra Candidi
  • Gioconda Elena Pellegrino
  • Giorgia Finocchi
  • Giorgio Lucantonio
  • Giovanna Benvegna
  • Giovanni Visaggio
  • Giulia Falcioni
  • Giulia Giraudo
  • Greta Belcaro
  • Jacopo Resti
  • Ilaria Liumbruno
  • Ilaria Pietrangeli
  • Letizia Napoli
  • Lucrezia Giangaspero
  • Margherita Pennetta
  • Maria Giulia Sardone
  • Marika Nicastro
  • Nicolò Trentin
  • Roberto Vigorita
  • Rosanna Mammato
  • Valeria Maresca

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