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Gli innamorati a Smirne

2016-2017: the workshop turns 15

Gli innamorati a Smirne

May 22-24 2017, 9:00 p.m.
LUISS Guido Carli, Viale Pola, 12 - Rome
Locandina Spettacolo 2017

A story blending Carlo Goldoni’s Gli innamorati and L’impresario delle Smirne

  • adaptation and direction Ferdinando Ceriani
  • director’s assistant and signing Alice Guidi
  • music from Bizet, Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Lehar, Ranzato

Marking 310 years since his birth, this year’s theater workshop is dedicated to Carlo Goldoni and, in particular, two of his most famous comedies: Gli innamorati and L’impresario delle Smirne.

In this original adaptation, I had fun telling the story of a penniless group of travelling performers led by a greedy producer and a disgraced director who lives in the past, who are chose by a mysterious Turkish businessman to go to Smirne to perform Gli innamorati. Such an opportunity turns their monotonous tour of Puglia upside down and all the actors try their hardest to show off in order to get their hands on tickets to the Bosphorus. But will they succeed in getting hired by the Turk?

This storyline thus allowed me to include some of the most entertaining scenes from both comedies in a metatheatrical game, sprinkled with some of the most beautiful opera arias that the young actors enjoyed singing and choreographing.

Another choice was to divide the main characters from Gli innamorati in three, each characterized by a different emotion: thus appearing on stage contemporarily a combative Eugenia, an amorous Eugenia and a devastated Eugenia who find themselves facing a combative Fulgenzio, a rational Fulgenzio and an amorous Fulgenzio.

All summed up, it’s a tornado of characters, one more extravagant than the next, starring in a comedy and declaration of love for the fleeting magical world that is the theater. Enjoy!

Ferdinando Ceriani

Gli innamorati a Smirne


  • Alberto Miraglia
  • Alessio Gosciu
  • Angelo Maria Naborre
  • Beatrice Sorrentino
  • Cecilia Menichella
  • Chiara Perrone
  • Clara Piazza
  • Clarissa Guerrini
  • Cristiano De Vergori
  • Daniela Ceci
  • Davide Di Staso
  • Edoardo Costanzo
  • Elisa Casciaro
  • Elisa Luccioni
  • Emilio Cosentino
  • Federico Radi
  • Flaminia De Felicis
  • Flavio Pieralice
  • Francesco Solfrizzi
  • Gabriella Rollino
  • Gianluca Pellicani
  • Ginevra Candidi
  • Gioconda Elena Pellegrino
  • Giorgia Verna
  • Giovanni Visaggio
  • Giulia Falcioni
  • Giulia Giraudo
  • Giuseppe Consoli
  • Greta Belcaro
  • Ilaria Pietrangeli
  • Leonardo De Marco
  • Luisa Della Pietra
  • Noemi Lombardi
  • Roberto Vigorita
  • Rosanna Mammato
  • Sofia Forestiere
  • Teodora Vulpe
  • Valerio Rinaldi
  • Valerio Vincenzo Coronella
  • Vittoria Liguori

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