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Luiss Guido Carli

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image-28 Nov 2014 - 3:58pm

Theater workshops

The theater workshop is designed to enhance communication and teamwork, as the director explains:

When, in 2002, Luiss Guido Carli University asked me to direct a theater workshop for its students I had no idea how I wanted to set up my work. This would depend on the students taking the workshop, their expectations, their goals….but I definitely knew one thing: I wanted to bring my students closer to the theater by having fun, trying to blend theory and practice, involving them immediately in putting on a real show, and giving them an overview of the great dramatic authors throughout the world.
This formula has proved successful and since that day in 2002 so long ago, we have put on 12 shows involving over 400 students! So the workshop has become an important gathering place, a place to socialize, to test yourself, to overcome your minor (or biggest) fears, to experiment with hidden values and qualities. I’ve seen kids completely change over these years, I’ve seen them open up to others, become stronger, more decisive, more confident in their own abilities. I’ve seen friendships created, I’ve seen them grow, I’ve seen them become men and women who throw themselves into the challenging world of work. Often, many of them – “the old guys” – come back to see us, to meet the new students, and this fondness, this sense of belonging to the theater workshop, even after leaving, is perhaps for me its finest and most exciting accomplishment. 
Theater is therapeutic. Theater, if it is done seriously and with discipline, even in a fun setting, can really help a person to grow, to improve, to feel part of a community. The theater is one of the last civil meeting places of our time. In an age where everything is virtual, in which we communicate by touching a screen or by sending a text message, the theater brings us back to our human and social selves, and it may be this aspect that teaches us the most right now.
Ferdinando Ceriani

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