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Departments and Schools

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Department of Economics and Finance

Using the most advanced theoretical models, empirical research based on macroeconomic, microeconomic and sector-based data, and experimental studies in the laboratory, the Department tackles fundamental topics in the global, European and Italian economies, related to consumption, saving, growth, work, productivity, stability and market efficiency.

Department of Business and Management

The Department of Business and Management is characterized by a close scientific and educational relationship with industry, reinforcing the vitality and interdisciplinarity of its research. It is a center of excellence for the managerial disciplines, for accounting, for corporate finance, for marketing, for the economics and management of financial intermediaries and for industrial economics and policies.

Department of Law

Research at the Department of Law is carried out in various interdisciplinary areas: from civil law to criminal law; from business law to public administration; from an economic analysis of the law to international law and that of the European Union; from arbitration to taxation; and from labor law to civil and criminal trial law.

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science has always been committed to sociological, historical, methodological, political, legal, economic, philosophical and communications science research, in order to offer an ever more in-depth understanding of the socio-political phenomena of our time. Its work unites high-level theoretical research and empirical studies on concrete socio-political problems.

LUISS Business School

LUISS Business School is a postgraduate school with a division dedicated to the carrying out of applied research projects and consulting activities. These activities complement and enhance the academic programs offered, and are aimed at producing advanced knowledge to solve management and development issues for companies and public administrations (business plans, internationalization, bank management, marketing and competitiveness of local areas, and production chains, including those within the aerospace, ICT, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and energy sectors).

LUISS School of Government

The LUISS School of Government is a center of excellence in education and research, aimed at supplying future leaders of legislative, administrative and governmental institutions in national and international public systems with theoretical and practical tools for good government. It offers programs where theoretical aspects of political analysis (political science, international relations, economics, history, sociology, organization, and management) are combined with operational elements of good governance (the analysis and evaluation of public policies, the role of public opinion and advocacy groups, and the achievement and handling of leadership).

LUISS School of European Political Economy

In the European context, applied micro and macro-economics cannot singularly focus on a given national economic system. Researchers and senior fellows working at SEP form the core of the first Italian research center devoted exclusively to analyzing European problems. Research activity at SEP focuses on the following fields of analysis: how institutional progress in the EU evolves and how it addresses the main economic problems of the area; the causes behind the divergence in productivity levels that are creating severe competitive imbalances in the Euro-area member states; both theoretical and practical innovations in monetary policy; the degree of integration or segmentation of the European financial markets and finally the nature and impact of the banking union process.

LUISS School of Law

The LUISS School of Law is targeted to whoever intends to acquire or further develop outstanding legal training or to deepen the scientific research in the various branches of Law with an international focus. The initiatives and the sphere of interests of the LSL cover all fields of legal studies, including: Public, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Private Law, Commercial and Business Law, Criminal Law, Labor and Welfare Law, Procedural Law, Tax Law, Comparative Law, International Law, European Union Law.

The teaching activities proposed by LSL aim both at students wishing to continue their studies at an advanced level and at those who are currently working and wish to specialize. Therefore, the background and the level of participants of LSL training courses are quite heterogeneous, including, alongside recent graduates, professionals with significant professional experience.

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