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Privacy Statement


LUISS - Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali “Guido  Carli” (hereinafter LUISS) is an independent university with an advanced education model.

This privacy statement describes the characteristics of the processing undertaken by LUISS in relation to the personal data collected from those who participate in competitive selection procedures pursuant to articles 22-23 of Law No. 240/2010 and highlights the candidates’ statutory rights in this regard.

The privacy statement is periodically updated to take account of regulatory developments and new methods of processing personal data.

What personal data do we collect?

The Controller collects and processes the following personal data

  • identifying data (name, surname, place and date of birth, personal tax number and citizenship);
  • contact data (residential address, e-mail address and telephone number);
  • data relating to knowledge of foreign languages ;
  • data relating to academic record and employment history;
  • curriculum vitae.

Why do we collect your data and why is their processing lawful?

The Controller collects and processes the data subject’s personal information in pursuit of the following purposes:

  • to permit data subjects to submit their candidature and thus participate in the selection process for the required positions (the legal basis for the processing lies in the pre-contractual arrangements between the School and the candidate);
  • to manage, from an administrative standpoint, the selection of candidates based on an evaluation of their merits and curriculum vitae (the legal basis for the processing lies in the pre-contractual arrangements between the School  and the candidate).

How does the Controller process your personal data and how long are the data stored for?

The data subject’s personal data are processed electronically (servers,  cloud database, software, etc.).

The Controller stores the data subject’s data for a period of time consistent with what the law prescribes and having regard to the time required to correctly achieve the purposes stated above.

To whom do we communicate your personal data?


The personal data can be accessed solely by the University’s employees and other personnel so as to provide you with the requested services and limited solely to the data necessary to that end, in particular:

  • administrative staff;
  • academic staff;
  • other personnel.

Our employees and other personnel have been informed and trained regarding the importance of observing the rules and principles governing the processing of personal data.


The Controller shares the personal data with non-LUISS faculty appointed to sit on commissions in connection with competitive selection procedures as well as when communication is mandated by law or by the authorities:

  • should such prove necessary on grounds of national security;
  • for reasons of general interest;
  • on foot of a request made by public authorities.

Are your data transferred abroad?

The data are not transferred abroad.

What are your rights as a data subject and how can you exercise them?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants data subjects specific rights, in particular, regarding access to data, rectification of data, objection  to processing of data for commercial purposes or automated processing of data, erasure of data, restrictions on processing of data and portability of data. Data  subjects are also entitled to seek redress through the Data Protection Authority.

Any data subjects wishing to exercise their statutory rights may, without formality, send an e-mail to or write to the Controller LUISS Guido Carli at Viale Pola 12, 00198 Rome, Italy, setting out their request and furnishing the information necessary to identify them.

The contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) are:

Francesco Flego


certified e-mail:

The Controller will reply within one month. Should the Controller be unable to reply by the above deadline, it will give you a detailed explanation as to why your request cannot be satisfied.