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Francesca Romana Dello Strologo: a Coltiva un Talento scholarship and an internship with Ferrari

The Luiss student is on her way to Oslo for a Double Degree


Luiss student Francesca Romana Dello Strologo, registered for the master’s degree program in Marketing Analytics & Metrics, is preparing for a year in Olso for the Double Degree in Strategic Marketing with BI Norwegian Business School.

Francesca is a winner of the Coltiva un Talento scholarship from Ferrari. “When I submitted my application, I never thought they would choose me, and yet, I won this amazing opportunity.” The scholarship covers tuition, room and board, as well as materials. Once students have completed their studies, they are placed in an internship. “For someone who has just graduated, the idea of having my first work experience with Ferrari, an Italian point of pride, is a dream come true.”

At Luiss, Francesca found herself surrounded by “motivated people who work every day to give their best. There are also students from so many different backgrounds, and when it comes to facing problems, they are always able to combine different visions to give life to projects that I never thought could be done.”

The figure that has had the most important impact on Francesca is Professor Gianluigi Albano: “He made me passionate about decision-making and game theory.”

Francesca advises students interested in a similar academic career path to “work hard to reach your goals, because the University offers so much, but you have to demonstrate that you deserve it. Work hard because, in one way or another, you will make it."