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The Luiss Board of Directors nominates Vincenzo Boccia President of Luiss University

The terms of President Emma Marcegaglia and Executive Vice President Luigi Serra come to an end


Today, the Luiss Board of Directors, appointed by ALUISS, Associazione della Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali, nominated Vincenzo Boccia, the current head of Confindustria, as President of Luiss University, taking over the position from Emma Marcegaglia who has led the University since 2010. Also concluding his leadership of the University is Luigi Serra, Executive Vice President since 2013.

The Luiss Board of Directors – counting, among others, Rector Andrea Prencipe, Vice President Paola Severino, General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto – officialized the change, and also welcomed Alessio Tessitore as student representative and Attilio Zimatore as faculty representative, as well as Andrea Battista, President of the Luiss Alumni Association.

Luiss, now in the hands of President Boccia, is a University that has seen a double-digit increase in the number of admissions applications, with 32% more for bachelor’s degree and single-cycle master’s degree programs, as well as employment opportunities, with over 90% of graduates of the Departments of Economics and Finance and Business and Management finding job opportunities.

Luiss attracts talents from around the globe and ranks among the world’s best institutions of higher education, with a faculty that has accelerated and strengthened the recruitment of international instructors and researchers, as well as scientific production and research. Luiss is a University of applied Social Sciences, which aims for sustainable growth and interdisciplinary cooperation, interwoven with a lifelarge learning approach to prepare courageous, rigorous leaders that can manage change.

Vincenzo Boccia, eighth President of Luiss University, declares: “I thank those who came before me for their years of precious work, making this University a center of excellence. Emma Marcegaglia and her team accepted the challenge to focus on skills, updating them when necessary, to adapt to the changes of a complex world, without neglecting the University’s relationship with industry. A truly open and inclusive society can remain so only if ideas, knowledge and a critical spirit are continually nourished and strengthened.  Our University must be a laboratory for the education of the future class of leaders, in the interest of young people, their families and the entire country.”