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Luiss Guido Carli

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Luiss student with the Italian Navy for Operazione Mare Aperto

During the largest exercise nationwide, Luiss students acted as political, legal and public information consultants


The Italian Navy's largest exercise, Operazione Mare Aperto 2019, welcomed 14 Luiss students from master's programs with the Departments of Political Science and from the single-cycle master's program in Law.

For three years, our students participated in theory training sessions, led by Navy professionals at the Air Naval Training Center, MARICENTADD, in Taranto.

From April 28 until May 11, the practical part of the training took place aboard the Garibaldi, Etna and Rizzo ships. The simulation was conducted by the Commander in Chief of the Naval Fleet, Central Mediterranean alongside the Italian Army and Air Force.

During this phase, students assisted military personnel, acting as political, legal and public information consultants.

Representing Luiss alongside students were Lorenzo Valeri and Professor Paolo Spagnoletti. Luiss General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto also spent one day and night aboard the Garibaldi.