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Take risks and pursue your passions: Director of the Luiss Business School Paolo Boccardelli

His research in Strategic Leadership and his passion for reading

Professor Paolo Boccardelli is Director of the Luiss Business School, where he teaches Management and Business Strategy.

Professor Boccardelli teaches courses in Luiss bachelor's and specialization programs, for the Master of Business Administration program, the PhD in Management and Executive Programs at the Luiss Business School: "I chose Luiss because it is an extraordinary place, where, through excellence in research and teaching, I can contribute to the development of the country and shape its leading class." 

Boccardelli is also Director of the Luiss Business School ReBooT Research Center of Business Transformation.

He also performs research in the field of Strategic Leadership, looking at strategic management of companies and complex organizations.

He has loved reading since he was a child: "Steve Jobs, Louis Gerstner and Adriano Olivetti are the three men who have influenced my way of looking at businesses and their management." 

"My advice for students is to not be afraid to make yourselves heard. Propose solutions, ideas, innovations."

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