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HITalk: Communicating without intermediaries

On Thursday, May 9, Luiss Enlabs welcomes six exceptional guests to speak on disintermediation


On Thursday, May 9, at 7:00 p.m., the LVenture Group and Luiss EnLabs Hub at Termini Station hosts a night of discussion and inspiration with six special guests on the theme of Communicating Without Intermediaries. The evening is part of the HITalk series, the format designed to talk about current issues and their future evolution through success stories.

An increasingly central topic in contemporary society and the digital transformation, disintermediation eliminates intermediaries in communication. A process that invests in means of communications and revolutionizes everyday language.

"Disintermediation has accustomed us to quick and easy answers. The principle of speed that the process is based on has lead to a refusal to accept that which is unable to simplify, to offer knowledge in quick doses and synthesis of a process or analysis," comments Luiss General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto, a HITalk speaker. "For this reason, Luiss has applied the principle of Life Large Learning in all that we do, insisting that learning must be based on both books and on a student's experiences. It is essential to complement so-called vertical learning with concepts learned straight from the field."

Taking the stage are Laura Bononcini, Public Policy Director of Facebook four Southern Europe; Giulia Giraudo, Radio Speaker; Elena Dominique Midolo, CEO of ClioMakeUp; Tiziano Tassi, CEO of Caffeina; and Fulvio Marcello Zendrini, Marketing & Communications Advisor. 

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