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The importance of following your passion: Luiss SEP Director Marcello Messori

A love of films, economics and European politics

Professor Marcello Messori is Director of the Luiss School of European Political Economy and teaches Macroeconomics and International Economics with the Luiss Department of Political Science: "Luiss is an idea place because it has several international relationships, here it is easier to connect with other think tanks that focus on questions related to the European Union."

Professor Messori has published more than 500 pieces on economic theory in Italian, English, French and German. He is also an editorialist for il Corriere della Sera

Professor Messori focuses primarily on European economics, but had he not been an economist, he would have liked to have been a film director or critic: "With my research I try to contribute to the evolution of my country, but from behind the scenes," he explains.

"Follow your dreams and you'll be successful in the job market, as difficult as today's can be." 

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