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Luiss Open: The key to being a good leader

According to Professor Amanda H. Goodall, charisma and experience in the core business are fundamental

We interviewed Professor Amanda H. Goodall during a recent Luiss Debate on her research on expert leadership in universities, sports teams, and a large number of American and British companies.

Her research demonstrates that organizations perform better under the leadership of experts in the core business. In most cases, such figures include people who have grown up within the company and those who perfectly understand the needs of their employees. A good boss is, therefore, able to motivate his or her team by helping them to develop through continual support and concern for everyone’s interests. Only in this way can a flourishing and positive work environment be created.

In the second part of the interview, Professor Goodall challenges the myth that women do not ask for raises at work. Her research, although conducted abroad, seems to apply to the Italian case as well. With an increasing awareness of equality in the workplace, it has been proven that women, in fact, do ask for raises at work, but they are granted less often than they are for men.

In Europe there is still a 17% discrepancy between the salaries of men and women, however, recent research has proven that both sexes are receiving raises at the same rates. It is not clear if this is merely a cohort effect or if it will be throughout their entire careers, but it is definitely positive.