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Giulia Zaratti: a career with the United Nations

The Luiss graduate lives and works in Burma


Luiss graduate Giulia Zaratti currently lives in Yangon, Burma, where she has been working at the United Nations Capital Development Fund since 2016.

First attending the bachelor’s program in Administration, Finance and Control, she then graduated from the master’s program in General Management: "I chose this University because it has important relationships and partnerships with international universities, it is strongly supported by Confindustria and offers direct access to the job market.”

"During my bachelor’s career, my professors and colleagues inspired me to take an interest in the international sphere and using the economy as an ethical tool to help developing countries.”

“While writing my thesis, having just returned from Shanghai, I went to London to deepen my knowledge of English and concentrate on research. At the same time, I started looking around and applying for internships with international organizations, both in Europe and the rest of the world.”

From then on, Giulia had a long series of experiences abroad. She first went to New York, where she was selected by the United Nations Secretariat in the sustainable development division, a perfect starting point for her interests.

During this first experience, Giulia continued to look around because she wanted to concentrate on finance for development.

She began sending her CV to several smaller embassies. Says Giulia: “They were often of places I had never heard of, but I wanted to get a close up look of diplomatic careers. In the end, Giulia was selected for an internship at the Embassy of the Republic of Malta to the United Nations and then for the European Union Delegation to the United Nations in 2015: "It was difficult, although extremely interesting, to mediate with all  the different countries to find a common point.”

At the end of 2015, Giulia applied to be a UN Fellow and in January 2016, she was selected to go to Burma, where she worked as an international consultant, specializing in the fields of Financial Inclusion and Gender. "Burma is a country with a very lively political and economic situation. I deal with gender economic development and supporting women in rural areas to advance their careers.”

In the future, Giulia would like to continue working with international organizations, perhaps moving to the Middle East. "However, my ultimate goal is to go back to Italy to work in politics and use everything I learned to better my country.”

To students who want to pursue a similar career, Giulia recommends getting lots of experiences abroad, getting informed and specialized: "It is essential to make contact with people who work in your field of interest, to ask for advice, get help and learn from mistakes.”