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Hard work is the key to success: Professor Francesco Lippi

A passion for music, research in Monetary Economics and his studies abroad

Professor Francesco Lippi is Professor of Monetary Economics in the Luiss Department of Economics and Finance.

Professor Lippi holds a PhD from the Netherlands' University of Tinbergen. After years of researching at the international level, he came home to work for the Bank of Italy: "I decided to study Monetary and Financial Economics because there are many deep questions that we do not have convincing answers to. Academics gives me the chance to delve into these topics in way that is not possible elsewhere."

In January 2019, Professor Lippi became a member of the editorial board of The Economic Journal, one of the oldest economics journals in the world. He currently acts as Joint Managing Editor for Macroeconomics.

"You must believe in yourself. The most important ingredient to success is hard work." 

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