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Luiss Open: Roberto Saviano meets Leif Wenar

What is oil? What effect has it had on our present and what will it bring for the future? A dialogue between two of the most influential contemporary thinkers

"The definitive response to all problems related to oil," is how Roberto Saviano defines Blood Oil, translated with the title Il re nero by LUISS University Press, by Leif Wenar, professor of Philosophy and Law at King's College and founder of Clean Trade, a movement to end all agreements on energy resources with countries ruled by authoritarian regimes that promote oppression, violence and corruption.

From plastic to petrol, from synthetic fibers to telephones, all humankind depends on oil extraction, and the subsequent business behind it has enormous advantages for some, while for others, it means continual oppression. Blood Oil explains how the West could lead a peaceful resource revolution and put an end to our dependence on a violent system. Wenar proposes practical strategies to advance the global economy, responding to pressing questions such as poverty, inequality and pollution to become part of a radical change necessary for all walks of life.

In Saviano's opinion, prior to Blood Oil, there was no publication that gave such a clear description of the dynamics of the economic, political and social circuits that revolve around oil.

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