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Francesca Morichini: curiosity is fundamental to a successful career

The Luiss alumna is now Global Chief HR Officer at Gruppo Amplifon 


Francesca Morichini graduated from LUISS with a degree in Political Science in 2000 and today is the Chief HR Officer of Amplifon.

In her eighteen-year career, Morichini has worked for several different companies, including Barilla, L’Oreal, Bialetti and Whirlpool. “I consider every step of my career important,” she states, “because each of them taught me something new and introduced me to new people that I could learn from or teach something to.”

“I experimented with large multinationals and startups, I have lived in Italy and abroad, I have experienced factories, offices, markets and shops. I have led restructuring projects with labor unions and I have contributed to growth plans. Every step has shaped me as a manager and as a leader, but also as a person and as a woman.”

Francesca explains that during her time at LUISS, she learned a method, the ability to manage complexity and to combine thought with action. “I learned to build relationships with different types of people and this was imperative in a constantly evolving world, where skills easily become obsolete and the ability to evaluate yourself makes a difference.”

Among her fondest memories of her university years are her “classmates and the chances to work together to prepare for exams, the curiosity, both personal and professional, that motivated the students and instructors.”

Her first steps after graduation were crucial. “The numerous occasions to learn from experts in the sector were the most important in laying down the base for successful professional growth. I recommend  that everyone has the courage to invest in themselves at the beginning of a professional path and to make choices based on which positions offer the most opportunity to learn.”

To students close to graduation, Morichini advises them to “be curious about different themes and cultures. To be successful, it’s important to not be afraid to face difficult situations and to give your all.”

An important reference point for Francesca’s career was First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. I read it two years after launching my career and it made me look at the concept of talent in a completely different way.”

The LUISS alumna has two mantras that have helped her reach her current position. The first is: “Learn something new every day; not necessarily skills or new information, but intangible things such as behaviors and interpretations.”

She adds: “Nothing is impossible if you really want it. Often, we create our own limits without realizing it. With a little bit of sacrifice, things that seem impossible become possible when approached step by step.”