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A presentation of the LabGov.City SCIC project

The startup made up of LUISS students and researchers meets with experts and government representatives


October 20, during the Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Convention in Capri, a presentation of the SCIC Sustainable, Collaborative and Innovative Capri was held by LabGov.City, a startup of young LUISS students and researchers.

The project aims to build a public policy agenda and is sponsored by the City of Capri and the Marina of Capri.

The convention, focused on the theme of infrastructure for innovation and sustainability, saw the participation of several important figures from government, research, universities, business and investors in the infrastructure sector.

The event, moderated by Professor Christian Iaione, co-director of di LabGov.City, opened the presentation of the startup’s research, which revealed the importance of developing the digital transformation of infrastructure and increasing the sector’s environmental sustainability.

LUISS Rector Andrea Prencipe spoke about the importance of investing in our national patrimony and infrastructure: the traditional ones that connect people and the digital ones that are “complementary to traditional methods and important in widening their sphere.”

Professor Prencipe furthermore underlined that startup has performed research that is “engaged with the real world, guided by real problems and offers opportunities for the academic world.”