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The era of populism: a debate with Stefano Feltri and Mattia Ferraresi

On February 26 the two journalists meet to analyze the current political scene 


On Monday, February 12 at 11:00 a.m., LUISS University Press hosts a debate on the current political scene with Stefano Feltri from Il Fatto Quotidiano and Mattia Ferraresi, US correspondent for Il Foglio. The United States, European populist movements and the Italian panorama are all on the table, as well as themes regarding the crisis facing Western democracy, larger than life political personalities and populist movements.

The two journalists will also present their most recent publications: Il secolo greve, by Mattia Ferraresi and Populismo sovrano, by Stefano Feltri.

Il secolo greve analyzes causes of crisis for liberal democracies, the Donald Trump era, European nationalism and anti-something parties, the social and populist century that questions all that is well founded and afferms the unspeakable.

Populismo sovrano explores how the lack of certainty and the distrust of political leadership and globalization are pushing electors and politicians towards the sirens of populism.