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A night of love for singing and music

The LUISS choir and orchestra perform together for the first time

Flash Mob Musica LUISS

On Wednesday, May 17, the Sala Colonne on the Viale Pola campus hosted a performance of the LUISS music workshop participants.After the success of last year’s program, Maestro Fabrizio Adriano Neri has assembled a philharmonic orchestra to accompany the exhibition.

This year, the students have had the opportunity to perform in different contexts including a flash mob in the cafeteria, two short concerts during this year’s film festival, as well as television appearances and charity events.

“I participated in the laboratory in order to continue pursuing my passion for music,” explains Augusto Palmieri, a master’s degree student in International Relations who plays the piano with the orchestra and is a bass in the choir. “I have studied the piano since I was young and I have always dreamed of uniting my two worlds, first conservatory and high school, then conservatory and university. For me, music is the highest language of union. It’s more than just something to participate in, but it brings people together.”

The music programs have helped many other students to continue their studies of music while at university. Explains Ludovica Tripodi, a fourth-year Law student in her second year with the choir: “I believe that this is the added value of our university, being able to accompany our academic careers with our passions and interests. I was so worried that moving to Rome and all that it implied (new city, new rhythms, new responsibilities) would have prevented me from pursuing music and singing. On the contrary, thanks to an email from the LUISS Office of Cultural Activities, I was able to study music alongside amazing people. I have enormous respect for our Maestro, Fabrizio, who is teaching us so much.” 

In her second year with the Department of Law, Flaminia Pinzarrone is also participating in the choir for the second time. “Last year I came to the first lesson without signing up as I was a bit hesitant. This year I am so happy to be a part of this project that is giving me such great satisfaction while we continue to grow and improve. We have increased in number and we love being able to share more than just our studies, but our passion for an art that brings people together.” This year we have increased our repertoire by adding more dynamic show choir numbers and we had fun organizing a flash mob in the cafeteria. This experience brought us together and got us excited for the concert on May 17, the first in which we were the only performers.” 

This year’s program includes classic and traditional songs as well as pieces from important musicals from the worlds of cinema and Broadway. “Saint Augustine said that he who sings prays twice, and I agree,” says Giulia Midei, a third-year Law student. “Singing has an overwhelming strength and benefit that goes beyond anything you could imagine because it fascinates you, makes you fall in love. It makes you happy. Seeing as how singing is music and music is love, thanks to this new experience, I understood how amazing it is to share and unite so many different voices. The sensation of being a part of a single body with other people who share this passion is priceless.”

The group’s only tenor and second-year Law student, William Praticò, explains: “A friend suggested that I join the group after hearing me sing Let it Go in falsetto. After some initial hesitation, I decided to give it a chance. At first, I found the vocal exercises a bit embarrassing, but they are necessary to prepare for performances. The group is both diverse and cohesive; there is so much motivation to give it your all. Together we are unstoppable!”

“Sharing musical moments with these students has been so exciting, concludes Augusto Palmieri. “It is the best way to learn to sign together because, when there is so much to do between studying and practices, having fun makes a big difference.”

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