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Skills and creativity to work at Google

Thanks to a university event, LUISS graduate Giancarlo Ramos now works for the digital giant

Giancarlo Ramos Google

Giancarlo Ramos, a LUISS Economics and Management graduate, has been working for over a year in the Google Europe, Middle East, and Asia offices in Dublin. 

“It all began with an initiative organized by LUISS,” explains Giancarlo. “During the event, Google University Specialists challenged us to propose a project that could have an impact, resolving a problem that millions of people face, all while using disruptive technology. They took copies of our résumés and after only two weeks I had my first telephone interview. After two months of interviews, I was offered a job in Dublin.”

Giancarlo Ramos Alumni LUISS

His first role was to provide assistance for Adwords clients for online marketing campaigns. “I am part of a team of specialists called G-Tech, we work with clients from all over the world. In the morning we have meetings with the APAC (Asia Pacific) markets, at noon EMEA, and later in the afternoon with the US. I then became a team leader for the EMEA region. Every day I work to improve our processes, help our business grow and to create partnerships with other teams to find innovative strategies. Google’s professional philosophy is exactly this: on one side you have your core job, and on the other, you have a series of assignments that help you develop soft skills and grow to have a better grasp on the team.” 

Every year Google receives more than one million applications from people interested in working for the company. On average, only one application in 130 is successful. “Saying that it’s amazing to work at Google is so unoriginal, but I could not describe it in any other way. The Googleplex is more like an imaginary university campus than a company. Walking through the hallways, you notice that the average age of our coworkers is around 27 and that the atmosphere and company culture is fresh and innovative. From my experience, I can say that they don’t always look for the most intelligent or most prepared. Google looks for candidates who would best fit Google: people with googleyness. They are passionate people who feel that what they are doing could change the world.”

Spending time with international students, meeting professionals and experts from the digital sector and being in a stimulating environment were some of the things that inspired Giancarlo during his university years. “Studying at LUISS was a winning choice. It gave me a strong base to launch my first startup and the skills I needed to work in a place like Google. It helped me to not only understand the current workings of the business world but also how to get the right stimulus to look towards the future and understand changes in real time. Among the many opportunities, the Language Café was one of the best that the university has to offer. I truly believe in the project’s philosophy and I tried to get the most out of their initiatives.  I have to thank Enda Flannelly, the café’s coordinator, for the excellent advice on how to develop my personal skills and how to approach job interviews. Furthermore, I would like to thank Professors Giovanna Devetag and Giovanni Zazzerini from the Market & Strategies course, one of the most interesting and useful that I have ever taken, and where one of the biggest business cases we ever faced was, in fact, Google.”

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