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Healthy food and false myths: Luiss offers the first course on sustainable eating habits

On Tuesday, January 17 the first session with nutritionist Sara Farnetti and a cooking lesson with chef Simone Salvini

Corso alimentazione sostenibile

On Tuesday, January 17 LUISS hosts its first course on sustainable eating with nutritionist Sara Farnetti, followed by a cooking show with chef Simone Salvini

With new ways to eat vegetables and colorful mayonnaises, starting at 6:00 p.m. the university’s cafeteria will be transformed into a gastronomic laboratory focused on healthy eating and sustainability. The session will be the first lesson of a series led by nutritionist Sara Farnetti, open to bachelor’s degree students. Helping kick off the series is chef Simone Salvini who will offer a cooking show with vegan recipes prepared with complete respect for the environment.

Introducing the session is General Manager Giovanni Lo Storto who states: “We decided to offer our students this course on sustainable eating habits to teach them that eating well effects more than just ourselves, but the entire community. At LUISS we promote waste-prevention and earth-based initiatives through our community garden. Our goal is to provide young, future managers with as many instruments possible to stimulate awareness of all that surrounds them.”

The  for-credit course runs for a total of 40 contact hours with a variety of instructors, led by Dr. Farinetti. Several themes will be covered, including: nutrition, sports nutrition, welfare and the social price of bad habits, health law, and prevention as an integral part of sustainability.

Following the lesson is a show cooking session with chef Simone Salvini. Using organic products from the LUISS community garden, the chef will prepare coleslaws using colorful vegan mayonnaise and vegetables for a sustainable happy hour treat in the university’s cafeteria.