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From LUISS to New York to work in hospitality

LUISS graduate Andrea Franchini works in lifestyle and events for Grupo Habita


Roman by birth, Andrea Franchini is a LUISS Business Management and Marketing graduate and currently working in New York as head of culture and events for Grupo Habita, a collection of luxury hotels in Mexico and the United States. 

“I am based in New York at Hotel Americano. At the corporate level I deal with business culture, events, lifestyle and the brand. My role also requires business development. In two months we are opening in Chicago, and in Los Angeles in 2018.”

He chose to study at LUISS for more than just its course offerings. “I was looking for a university that gave me more than academic preparation, but networking and job placement as well. What had a great influence on my decision was my friendship with Daniele Pelli, who later became the president of Associazione Laureati LUISS (ALL).”

As a student, Franchini specialized in territorial marketing with Professor Matteo Caroli. “Territorial marketing is a very modern field that helped me develop a 360 degree understanding of any project I have worked on.”

His experience in the job market started in 2007 when, before even graduating, he founded a marketing and communication agency with Daniele Pelli and another student. “We were successful in creating a network of 15 Italian universities, LUISS included, and acting as a mediator between the needs of corporations and universities.”

The key moment in his professional growth came in 2010 when he decided to invest in the development of a chain of Roman-style pizza by the slice in New York. It was there that he came in contact with Grupo Habita, with its 15 hotels in Mexico, New York and Chicago, and where he would begin his experience in culture and events. “After having worked in events, advertising and food, hospitality is the business that interests me most.”

The hotel sector allowed Franchini to take full advantage of his natural talents. “Working alongside visionaries like Carlos Couturier and Moises Micha is one of the reasons that I enjoy working here, with them I have learned so many things about this fascinating sector. Meeting people from the worlds of art, fashion, design, media and real estate on a daily basis stimulates me to constantly put myself out there and get involved in new projects.”

Franchini encourages students to find their own paths, even if they lead them outside of Italy. “Advice doesn’t really mean anything. Just follow you dreams and be pragmatic.”