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Anastasia: from Moscow to study International Relations

A year at LUISS with the MGIMO Double Degree and an internship at Enel Green Power

Anastasia Bugaychenko has just completed a master’s program in International Relations at LUISS through the Double Degree with MGIMO. “I had no idea about LUISS before coming to Italy. I had no expectations, I was only happy that I was going to Italy for a year and that I was chosen for the program.” 

The Russian and Italian university systems differ in several ways, particularly in the academic calendar and attendance policies. “I was surprised that I could choose which courses to attend and organize my time autonomously. In the beginning it was difficult to get used to, but I think I did alright. I went to all the lessons and found my classmates were very helpful. As an international student, it’s worth going to all the lessons to have a new experience. After all, that’s why I’m here.”

Anastasia had already studied Italian in Moscow before applying to the Double Degree. “I’m happy to have the opportunity to improve my speaking. I knew the grammar but I was never able to practice. I am in love with Rome! It’s an incredible city and there are so many things to discover every day that you never get bored.”

Through the University’s internationalization project, Anastasia was chosen for an internship with Enel Green Power. “LUISS asked all the students of the Double Degree to send our CVs and then afterwards ENEL called me for an interview. I couldn’t believe it. I was so surprised to have been chosen even before graduating.”

“Anastasia’s role,” explains Francesco Bernardini, Head of Performance Improvement at Enel Green Power, “is part of our company’s internationalization process, in collaboration with important universities, that aims to select candidates from all over the world to support and introduce the work we do. Anastasia is a brilliant young woman. In just a few weeks she has proven herself capable of handling things we are having her do, above our expectations."

Anastasia has just completed her thesis in International Relations. "Last year I did an internship in Moscow with a nuclear energy company and now I’m here at Enel Green Power working with renewable energy. Maybe it’s a sign that my future is in this field. In the meantime I want to continue learning and concentrate on my studies and work. In the energy field, just like all other fields, I believe it’s important to have an experience abroad, to gain new perspectives and discover new ways of thinking."