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Working constantly to achieve multiple dreams

LUISS student Leonardo Marcon on studies, sports and startups

Leonardo Marcon Basket Sport LUISS

 “Nothing is impossible, but you have to really want to work hard and never stop believing in your ideas, even if they are difficult to achieve.” At LUISS, Leonardo Marcon has been able to follow all his passions: currently a third-year student in Economics and Management, he is also a member of the LUISS basketball team, and has just recently launched a startup in the jewelry sector. 

“Coach Andrea Paccariè tells us that studying is a choice, but basketball is a passion,” says Leonardo. “Basketball has always been an important part of my life. It has helped me grow as a person, without it I would never be where I am now. My studies have helped me keep my mind in constant training, and I hope that in the future they will help me not only in entrepreneurial situations, but in everyday problems too.”

Leonardo Marcon LUISS JVF

He stepped foot on his first court as a child, where he got confident in his abilities and developed a passion for the sport. “A friend of mine asked me to play with him and the idea immediately attracted me, since, to be honest, I wasn’t any good with my feet.” As time went on, the more I wanted to play, improve, and experiment with the moves I saw NBA players doing on YouTube. I started with a small team from my island before being chosen for one of Italy’s best teams, in Veneto. Then I came to LUISS.”

One of the most active members of the University’s team, Leonardo was also invited to play on the National Under 20 Team. “As an athlete, my best memories are linked to victories. Not simple ones though, but those against top ranked teams. Sports teach you to never take anything for granted, like our performance this season. Basketball has given me an emotional experience that I could have never had without it.”

While at LUISS, Leonardo has also developed his entrepreneurial dream; last January he launched a new company: Jewelry Virtual Fair, a social network for the jewelry industry. “I got the idea going to jewelry fairs with my dad. I met so many people from the industry that complained about how hard it was to attend continuous trade shows around the world, and about how they needed to show their products to the world faster and easier.”

Logo JVF Leonardo Marcon

“After careful research on the needs of those operating in the sector, the project was ready to be launched. JVF is a social network that introduces jewelry producers and distributors, giving them both visibility and the opportunity to grow internationally. Supply and demand meet in just a few clicks! We will be at international trade fairs with our partners and we will use the most innovative elements available on the web.” We think it will catch on quickly thanks to the platform’s simplicity and the numerous advantages that it offers users.”

Between books, sports and work, he has very little free time, but he is determined to succeed. “I’ve played basketball on a competitive level since I was 15. From the moment I started I had to learn to manage my time and my commitments to school and basketball. Since I started JVF, my days have become more difficult and I have even less free time than before. I believe that if you know how to organize your tasks day by day, managing multiple activities is possible. One piece of advice I would like to offer to other people like me is to pursue your dreams without worrying about doing too much at the same time. You just have to be motivated.”