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LUISS student Chiara Mormile brings home a silver medal from the World Military Games

Chiara Mormile Giochi Mondiali Militari

During this year’s Military World Games hosted by South Korea, LUISS student Chiara Mormile took the silver medal as part of the women’s fencing team.

Chiara Mormile LUISS Scherma

An Army Corporal, Chiara’s passion for fencing was inspired by Italy’s gold medal during the Athens Olympics, when she was just a child. “In 2004, when I was nine, my family visited Spain during the Olympics. I was playing in the backyard when my father called me from the window, saying that an Italian had won the gold medal. I ran into the house and saw the replay of Aldo Montano’s winning move and decided that I wanted to do it too.”

Back in Italy, she registered for her local fencing club, Club Scherma Roma, where she was chosen for the saber. “The instructor was a friend of my uncle, another former fencer. He took me under his wing and I wasn’t given a choice, the saber was my weapon.” Chiara celebrated her first victories in the under-fourteen category before moving on to international competitions. "I was called to train for the national under-twenty team in 2009. In 2011, I competed at the European and global level where I won a silver medal.” 

The secret to balancing athletics and studies is passion and sense of duty. “There cannot be the slightest result without the spirit of sacrifice. Yet, it’s important to enjoy what you do and never lose passion. I always became deeply interested in the subjects I studied, the classics in particular. I had to optimize the little free time I had. If I didn’t finish training I would go back after dinner, sometimes working late into the night. My books have seen a lot of trains and planes: I always brought something to read while traveling and I prepared for oral exams with my teammates.” 

Chiara Mormile LUISS Esercito

Chiara began her LUISS experience last year when she began a degree program in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in the Department of Political Science. “I chose LUISS because I wanted a university that reflects me: organization, efficiency, quality didactics and a place where academics, culture and sport are given the same importance. I want to continue fencing as long as my body, will and mind and  allow me to. But I also want to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree and find my place in the working world.”

Alongside Airwoman Rebecca Gargano and Carabiniere Livia Stagni, Chiara took second place against the Russian team in South Korea. “The World Military games was such an exciting experience. I had the chance to compete against extremely talented fencers. The best part was being able to wear the Army’s sporting uniform with athletes from around the world in front of a crowded, cheering stadium. The final against Russia was tough, but also thrilling.”

Besides this silver medal, Chiara’s trophy case contains a gold and silver award from the world cup and a gold medal from the world under-20 championship. However, her dream is to become an Olympic champion. “I still have a photo with Aldo Mondano taken just after his success at the Olympics. Thinking that now, eleven years later, we train together on the same national team gives me chills.”