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A Double Degree in Germany and Italy

LUISS graduate Marco Dominici studied at the EBS Business School with the Double Degree program


“It’s important to go with the right attitude: be ready to discover and accept new challenges, be curious and independent. It’s an opportunity you simply can’t waste.” Marco Dominici is a LUISS Management student that will soon receive an Italian and German diploma thanks to the Double Degree program with the EBS Business School.

“I’ve been passionate about Economics since high school. For my bachelor’s degree, I chose to study Economics and Business at LUISS, completely in English. I was immediately taken by the course in Corporate Finance taught by Professor Francesco Baldi, who later became my thesis advisor. I later chose this direction for my master’s degree as well.” A month after graduating, Marco flew to Germany to begin studying at Oestrich-Winkel. “I didn’t know anything about EBS before seeing it on the University’s website. Upon further investigation, I was really impressed by the quality that my arrival only confirmed: a university with students from around the world, an avant-garde placement service, up-to-date teaching methods and small classes that guarantee direct, nearly personal, relationships with professors.” The Business School, says Marco, is located in a small town, making it easy for students to integrate into daily life. “I dedicated a lot of time to group projects that make up 30-90% of your final grade. Working with people from different cultures and styles of working was sometimes a challenge, but the fact that the study rooms at EBS are open 24 hours a day helped.”

EBS Business School

In July 2014, Marco was awarded a scholarship from the Unicredit & Universities Foundation and performed his first internship in Munich: “I worked with Be Consulting on two projects for Unicredit, one on internet banking, the other on trading software. From March to September 2015,  I worked with Unicredit’s Financial Lending and Advisory teams, offering services to clients from around the world, specializing in Western Europe.”

In November 2015, Marco will defend his thesis on Advanced Corporate Finance with Professor Raffaele Oriani in Rome, and then in December in Germany. “Studying abroad made me see that LUISS gave me a solid theoretical base. I was also able to see the working world from up-close through business presentations, CV-writing seminars, notices on the University’s website, and associations like the LFC Finance Club.” Marco would advise students interested in applying to the Double Degree program to have a medium-term goal. “For example, for those going to EBS, reaching a reasonable level of German, paired with a degree from a prestigious university, gives you access to jobs in the Berlin startup community, European institutions such as the ECB, financial boutiques in Frankfurt or Wiesbaden, or in the many companies in the Ruhr or Munich.”

At the end of the year, Marco is going to start another internship in Frankfurt. “This program opened more than one opportunity for me. I would like to continue working abroad for a bit, but eventually I hope to come back and settle down in Italy, especially in Rome!”