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A degree in Law and an internship in Brazil

After qualifying as a lawyer, LUISS graduate Roberta Ranieri is gaining experience in Belo Horizonte

LUISS Roberta Ranieri

LUISS Department of Law graduate Roberta Ranieri has just begun working for a law office in Belo Horizonte. This experience in Brazil is only the latest in a series of educational opportunities on her way to becoming a member of the country’s leading class, including studies at the LUISS School of Specialization for Legal Professions and a master’s degree in Economics and Welfare Law offered in collaboration between LUISS and Tuscia University.

During her first years at LUISS, Roberta developed an essential skill for a career in law: an aptitude for debate. “What I remember most are the friendships I made. I never thought that a university could welcome me so much and that my classmates would become my adopted family. At LUISS I learned to appreciate the value of intelligent debate, and no matter what goal I set for myself, I was able to reach it thanks to the preparation and tools that LUISS gave me.”

From group activities to international simulation competitions, Roberta turned every possible program into an opportunity to learn. “I participated in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, where I represented LUISS alongside other students in Vienna, in competition against the world’s best universities. The following year I was the speaker of the group that won the Roma Moot Court Competition, where the jury included a judge from the Supreme Court of Cassation.”

Roberta Ranieri Belo Horizonte

After the two-year specialization program at the School of Specialization for Legal Professions, Roberta did not stop, but immediately began an apprenticeship with the Attorney General and took the bar. “I believe that practical experiences and exposure to real-world situations are fundamental. A degree in law opens so many doors, and not just to traditional careers as lawyers, judges or notaries. It is so important to take advantage of every opportunity and get concrete work experience.”

When Roberta got the call from Brazil, the choice was easy: “I know that to become a part of the country’s leading class, you must spend some time outside of Italy. The possibilities today are ample, as they must be. Students have to go abroad to help them gain an international perspective,  and not just because it is trendy or because they do not believe in a future in Italy. They must choose training programs that help them bring something back to the country.”

While working towards her dream of becoming a parliamentary advisor, Roberta knows that there are several roads ahead of her in reaching her goal, and that each one is a work experience. “I have learned that winning a public competition means more than just passing an exam, but accumulating the right knowledge and experience. It is fundamental to have a solid personal profile, a 360-degree preparation and, above all, the willingness to give the best of yourself and to take the best that life has to offer.”