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The right skills for a career in finance

LUISS graduate Patrizio Finicelli is the founder of the LFC Finance Club

Patrizio Finicelli LUISS

“I’ve been passionate about economics since I was young. When it came time to select a university, the choice was clear.” After completing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management and a Master of Science in Economics, Patrizio Finicelli also holds master’s degree in Economics and Finance, all from LUISS. In 2013 he founded the LFC Finance Club, an association that supports students interested in careers in finance, that will be participating in this year’s Welcome Day on Monday, September 21.

“I wanted to attend a prestigious university, for both the education and the opportunities they offer,” says Patrizio. “LUISS provided me with an excellent preparation, and they have played a fundamental role in my entire career. I defined my objectives early in my studies, and I realized that I was really attracted to finance and the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) sector. I always considered acquiring a company as key moment in business strategy, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Upon completion of his bachelor's degree, Patrizio participated in the first ever Master MOSEC, the specialization program in econometrics and quantitative analysis directed by Professor Pierpaolo Benigno from the Department of Economics and Finance. “It was the first time they ran the program. It was an intense experience that taught me to face problems with unconventional approaches. Taking the easy way doesn’t always lead us to success; sometimes it takes alternative solutions to reach your goal.”

Patrizio got the idea for the LFC Finance Club two years after completing his studies, when he began his career in corporate finance with EY. “LFC Finance Club is the first Italian finance club coordinated by students, and is it the result of my university career.  I thought it was so important that students had an informational platform to help them understand specific dynamics of the finance world. In just two years we have accomplished so much: we have met with young representatives of large finance groups, we have organized trading games, and we developed a network to share contacts and experiences while increasing investment banks’ interest in our students.”

LFC Finance Club

In the meantime, Patrizio moved to London and subsequently decided to further his career with a Master in Business Administration at Oxford. “I gave everything to work in the City.” After a year with EY and another with HSBC, he decided that it was time to begin an MBA. “Doing an MBA program requires the right preparation: good grades, a shining profile and career progression that shows you know how to handle difficult situations. These are characteristics that you develop with time, thanks to interests that go beyond your studies and regard workplace skills such as problem-solving and leadership. The most important thing for recruiters to know is that you bring something to the table.”

Patrizio’s next goal is to consolidate his career in M&A, taking advantage of the quantitative and qualitative analysis skills that the MBA offers. “If you want to do an MBA, you have to have a clear plan and show that you and your ideas matter.” During the interview, you find yourself in front of a table of people with a deep understanding of workplace dynamics. To have a good career, you have to make sure that your hard skills, such as numerical analysis, correspond to your soft skills, like management and interaction.”

To all new LUISS students that are passionate about finance, Patrizio advises that they pinpoint their goals, figure out how to reach them, and give it their all to make them happen. “There are always alternative strategies to meet your objectives, the important thing is that you don’t give up. I learned this through sports too; I started playing tennis two years ago, but I’ve only recently learned to fight for every ball and to wait for the right moment to strike. Hard work, patience and perseverance will help you achieve your goals.”