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LUISS students are the finance champions at the Rotman Trading Competition

For the second consecutive year, the Blue Team wins the most important online financial simulation for university students 

Rotman 2015

LUISS has won the twelfth annual Rotman Competition, the most important international online trading competition that brings groups of students from all over the world to the heart of the Financial District in Toronto each year for a unique challenge, featuring a simulation of the real practices of financial markets and investing.

The 2015 competition took place from February 19 to 21 and honored the young talents at LUISS, who with this victory is on par with MIT and L'Université Laval, becoming one of the few universities to have won the event two consecutive times.

The team is made up of five men and one woman (Riccardo Caruso, Matteo Di Iorio, Dario Occhipinti, Alessandro Piacquadio, Jacopo Scarpellino and Anna Chiara Pizzuti), all of whom are enrolled in the master’s degree program in Economics and Finance, with the exception of the youngest, Scarpellino, who is a bachelor's degree student in Economics and Management.

The six, chosen by Professor Emilio Barone based on the strengths they demonstrated in the Rotman Trading Lab seminar, beat their peers from prestigious American universities such as Princeton, Cornell, Berkeley, Chicago, MIT, Stanford and UCLA.

Regarding the victory, Professor Barone says: "We have achieved our goal for the second year in a row, and we know how difficult it is to do it twice. Again this year LUISS was the top university in the world and it remains the only non-American one to have ever won the event."

"We are really proud and happy about the success of our students,” remarks Provost Massimo Egidi, “who were able to put into practice not just the expertise they acquired during their studies, but also all of their cooperation, team building and team leadership skills that form an integral part of the university’s educational goals. This demonstrates that LUISS’s commitment results in a set of skills that provide young people with solid professional prospects.”

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