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Career Day: how Maria Cristina Mazzei ended up at EY

08pm“I was there to be honored for graduating with the highest possible grade, with honors." This is how the adventure of Maria Cristina Mazzei, a LUISS Law graduate, began at the “Young People and Work” Career Day in May 2013. "I graduated in 2012 under the supervision of Professor Pessi, with a thesis on mass layoffs, and then I was invited to be honored with other cum laude graduates at the Viale Romania campus." Cristina decided to take advantage of the occasion and brought a few CVs with her. Among the many companies that had a booth at the University, she chose the ones that inspired the most confidence in her. "It actually all happened by chance. I left my CV at their booths and, right when I only had one left, I stopped in front of the Ernst & Young one."

This is how Cristina ended up at EY, a global network with over 175,000 employees. Now the former LUISS student is one of them. A week after that Career Day, the company called her, set up an interview and 7 days later Cristina began her internship: a three-month contract, which was renewed, and then an entry-level position.

"I’ll be here at least until 2016, working on European structural funds,” says Cristina. “I’m working on a couple of projects, for MIUR and for the province of Caserta."

For students who have not yet decided whether to attend this year’s Career Day, which will take place on May 16, the former student says, "It’s a great experience that really opens up a lot of doors.”

Cristina attended Career Day every year. The event, now in its eighteenth year, connects LUISS students and graduates with the world of work. After graduating, she had originally planned to go to Notary School and then to do an internship at the Avvocatura dello Stato. "However,” she says, “the corporate world has always fascinated me. And that’s why I decided to take a different path."

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