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Luiss Guido Carli

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Wi-Fi connections

Where the Wi-Fi areas are located

  • Viale Romania: the entire campus;
  • Viale Pola: Palazzina, Piazzale, and Facoltà;
  • Via Parenzo: the entire campus;
  • Via di Santa Costanza: the library:
  • Via di Villa Emiliani;
  • Via Salvini.

Student instructions

Students who would like to access the wireless network must have an internet account issued by the University (the same one they use to access the PCs in the computer rooms). To connect with a laptop, tablet or smartphone (with a wireless network) students can use the following procedure:

To access the LUISS wireless network, insert your personal in the UserID field.
  • Check that wireless capability is enabled on your device
  • Select either the "LUISS" or "LUISSwpa" wireless network
    The two wireless networks (LUISS and LUISSwpa) function the same way. The one difference is that the LUISSwpa network allows you to save your username and password.

If you use the “LUISS” wireless network, you will need to log out before turning off the device.

The following documents explain how to configure the two wireless networks (LUISS and LUISSwpa) on all types of devices:

Guest users

LUISS campuses are covered by wifi network LUISSguest. The network is free and open to all. Users must login through the web portal using an Italian cell phone number and a code sent via SMS. Credentials are valid for 24 hours.

The privacy policy and terms of use are available on the login page.