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RECONNECT Workshop: Re-conceptualizing Authority and Legitimacy in the EU

1 February 2019 at 9:00 AM
Aula Toti Viale Romania 32, Rome

RECONNECT is a four-year multidisciplinary research project on Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and the Rule of Law aimed at understanding and providing solutions to the recent challenges faced by the European Union (EU). With an explicit focus on strengthening the EU’s legitimacy through democracy and the rule of law, RECONNECT seeks to build a new narrative for Europe, enabling the EU to become more attuned to the expectations of its citizens. RECONNECT brings together 18 academic partner institutions from 14 countries.
Acknowledging that the attempt to strenghten the rule of law and democratic principles over the past decade has not succeeded in fostering the legitimacy of European institutions, scholars and policy makers will reflect on the key concepts challenged by the current EU crises – legitimacy, authority and sovereighty – and what should European institutions deliver and be held accountable for. What caused the current erosion of legitimacy that European institutions are witnessing? How can citizens be placed at the center of a new narrative of legitimacy rebuilding? The answers to those questions should pave the way for the advancement toward a reconnection of EU institutions with the citizens.


Welcome addresses
Leonardo Morlino LUISS and Jan Wouters KU Leuven

Keynote lecture
Giuliano Amato Italian Constitutional Court
Jan Wouters KU Leuven

10:30-11:00 | Coffee break

Panel - Revisiting the notion of authority
Leonardo Morlino LUISS
Joseph Corkin Middlesex University London “Authority, Sovereignty and Supranationalism”
Daniele Gallo LUISS “The Principle of Conferral and the Division of Competences between the EU and the Member States: Old and New Challenges”
Aldo Sandulli Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples “The Rule of Law in Action in the EU: an Administrative Law Perspective”
Bernardo Giorgio Mattarella LUISS “Strengthening Authority in the EU: Access and Transparency Make the EU a Win-win Game?”
Julien Navarro Lille Catholic University "Electoral Accountability and EU Authority: The Case of the European Parliament’s Elections”
Cristina Fasone LUISS

13:00-14:00 | Lunch break

Panel: Revisiting the notion of legitimacy
Giovanni Orsina LUISS
Lise Rye NTNU “The Legitimacy of the EU in Historical Perspective. History of a Never-ending Quest”
Cesare Pinelli Sapienza University of Rome “Input Legitimacy and Output Legitimacy of the EU: Where Are We Now?”
Nicola Lupo LUISS “The Role of Parliaments in the EU between Legitimacy and Accountability”
Andrea Sangiovanni European University Institute “What Role, if any, Should Democratic Decision-making Play in Identifying Principles of Justice for the EU”
Carlos Closa Montero CSIC Madrid “Reconciling Democracy and Rule of Law in the EU and in its Member States”
Kolja Raube KU Leuven

Final Reflections and Debate
Keynote speech
Andreas Føllesdal University of Oslo – PluriCourts “Challenges to Legitimacy and the Role of EU Courts”
Daniela Piana University of Bologna

Leonardo Morlino LUISS

To attend, please make a reservation by January 28.