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Luiss Guido Carli

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The era of populism: the role of volgarity in political discourse

26 February 2018 at 11:00 AM
LUISS Loft Viale Romania 32, Rome
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The crisis of the great western democracies has ushered in a season of politics characterized by sensationalism, boisterous characters and populist movements that offer themselves as the solution to a political and social problem, generating a climate of constant electoral campaigning in which vulgarity, everyone against everyone and a systematic discrediting of one's opponents seem to be the most efficient methods.

LUISS University Press  organizes a debate on the current political scene, from the United States and Trump to European populist movements and the Italian scene. Participating are two of the best young Italian journalists: Stefano Feltri from Il Fatto Quotidiano and Mattia Ferraresi American correspondent for Il Foglio, both presenting recent works:

  • Il secolo greve by Mattia Ferraresi (Marsilio Editori) analyzing causes of crisis in liberal democracies, the era of Donald Trump, European nationalism and anti-something parties as well as the social and populist century
  • Populismo sovrano by Stefano Feltri (Giulio Einaudi editore) on how the lack of certainty and distrust in politics and globalization are pushing voters and politicians towards populism

The event is held in Italian