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Curricular internships - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How will I know if the internship has been recognized?

Once an internship has been recognized, the credits will be visible on your electronic transcript. Students can expect to see the credits two weeks after sending in all aforementioned documentations.

Can I perform an internship if I have already earned the credits through another activity?

Yes, however, no credits will be granted.

Can I do more than one internship during my degree program?

Yes, it is possible to do more than one internship, following the aforementioned procedures. However, once a student has fulfilled their internship credit requirement, all further internships are ineligible for receiving additional credits.

The company I’m interning for has asked me to create a partnership with LUISS. What should I do?

You can put your host company in touch with the Office of Career Services by writing

I began my internship before the new procedure went into effect and received an authorization from my professor. How can I complete the procedure and receive credit for my internship?

If you have already received the preauthorization from your professor following the old procedure, you must follow the new procedure only for the conclusion phase of your internship (see how to obtain credits after the internship).

Is it possible to perform part of the apprenticeship during the degree program?

Yes, it is possible to perform an internship while still studying and be exempted from the first written section of the bar exam to qualify as either Dottore Commercialista or Esperto Contabile.

Verify conditions and procedures, in Italian, for the bachelor's degree program in Economics and Management or the master's degree program in Business Accounting and Auditing.