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Curricular internships


Curricular internships, part of a student’s University study plan, are generally performed by students enrolled in degree programs of all levels.

These internships are not aimed at assisting students in entering the workforce, but in complimenting their classroom education with practical experience in their field of interest.


Main characteristics of curricular internships

  • Designed for students currently enrolled in degree programs
  • Are a part of degree course study programs and thus have an educational nature
  • Can last from 3 to 6 months
  • May include a maximum of 40 hours a week (8h each day).
  • Employers are not required by law to provide any compensation
  • Can be performed for credit (25 internship hours per credit) subject to approval by each Department
  • Participants are followed by a company tutor throughout the entire internship, who ensures that the educational goals of the internship are met, while coordinating intern duties with Luiss Guido Carli

When internships can be performed

  • Bachelor’s degree students, or students in the I, II or III year of the single-cycle degree program: as students in these programs are obliged to attend lessons, internships may only be performed on a part-time basis, while courses are not in session
  • Master’s degree students, or students enrolled in the IV or V year of the single-cycle degree program: as students in these programs are not required to attend lessons, internships may be performed on a full-time basis, subject to communicating with professors on the length of the internship 

How to register the internship in any European and non-European country 

Students have to submit two forms:

Completing both filling in their personal data, required number of credits and, then, asking the host company / institution to complete the remaining information related to their details.

Once the two forms are completed and signed by both (host company / institution and graduate), students must sent them by 15 days before the beginning of the internship to in order to be approved and signed by Luiss Guido Carli. 

Who is eligible for credits

Internships are listed as mandatory activities in several study plans, while others recognize internships for Other Activities credits. Students that have not already earned Other Activity credits through foreign languages, soft skills, or workshops, may earn credits for performing internships.

Students who have already fulfilled their Other Activities requirements may still perform internships, but no credit will be awarded.

In order to receive credit, students must choose internships in line with the goals of their degree programs.

No credit will be awarded for internships in political or civil activism.

Graduates of Luiss bachelor’s degree courses, preparing for master’s programs, can perform their internships during the summer according to their chosen study plan and receive credit towards their master’s degree.

 In order to receive credit, students must:

  • have started the internship after the pre-enrollment date for the master’s program
  • be enrolled in a program and have a master’s matriculation number
  • request credits after completing enrollment for the master’s degree program

How do I receive credit at the end of the internship?

Upon completion of the internship:

  1. Complete the internship evaluation form with the company tutor, containing information about activities and results achieved during the internship. 
  2. Prepare the internship report, a Power Point presentation of no more than 10 slides that must have the following format:
    • Introduction: information regarding the research project and the selection process that led the student to the internship (1 slide)
    • Internship Presentation: information regarding the sector and host institution  in which the internship was performed (1 slide)
    • Internship Duties: information about the student's responsibilities during the internship (2 slides)
    • Analysis and Methodology: tools and support used during the internship (1-2 slides)
    • Conclusion: research results and whether or not objectives were met (1-2 slides)
    • Overall Evaluation: including suggestions (2 slides)
  3. Send the completed internship evaluation form and internship report to the Career Services Office after the end of the internship, within 30 days of its conclusion within 30 days of the completion of the internship to with the student's matriculation number and surname as the subject line (matriculation number_surname) using a university email address (
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